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I am a…

Wife to the most amazing man  |  Mom to three beautiful little boys  |  Channel Marketing Consultant  |  Certified Personal Trainer  |  Owner of a small hospitality business (aka our basement listing on Airbnb)  |  Lover of all things outdoors   |  Wellness fanatic  | And I could go on and on….

I wear a lot of hats (a lot of us do), but writer has never felt like one of them. I am doer if you couldn’t tell. And I usually “do” way too much. With so much I voluntarily chose to do to fill my days, writing is usually a way I find helps me center myself. It forces me to stop doing and just reflect. To be creative and take my time. To not rush.

So in an attempt to get myself to slow down on ocassion, I’ve created this space. And as you read some of my thoughts about my own crazy life, I invite to take a deep breath and slow down from your own crazy life too.